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Children’s Charity event at Bradford City FC



Bradford family giving others a winning chance
LGI Hospital Little livers unit is to hold a big fundraising event at Bradford City FC in hope to raise money for children to attend and compete at the British Transplant Games in Bolton.

The event which will take place on Saturday 21st June  is organised by Sister-in-laws Lesley and Amy Walton.

Lesley’s brother Joseph, a seven-year-old liver transplant patient going for gold at the British transplant games, has already got his place in the games with support from City’s One In A Million charity.

But there are other young patients at Leeds General Infirmary’s Little Livers and Renal Unit, including Bradford children, who have been unable to organise the fee.

“The reason we started this fundraiser was our adopted little brother, who is a transplant patient and going to the games so we started raising money for him then decided to put our fundraising talents to use and help all the children that can’t afford to go.”

Joseph, was only eight-months-old when he had his transplant and is still under the care of the LGI which has one of only three Little Liver units in the whole of the country giving specialist support to young liver patients – the others are in Birmingham and London.

Each year, Leeds Little Livers takes a large team of children to the British Transplant Games. The Games celebrate the achievements of these brave children and helps to raise awareness of the huge benefits of organ donation.

It costs £350 for each child to go and join in the games which this year will be at Bolton for one week starting on August 7.

Hoping to raise a few thousand at the fun day, the family have organised the event from 11am to 4pm at  Bradford City’s home ground with local businesses coming along to sell products and an array of amazing activities for children including a bouncy castle..

A gala dinner is also being planned at 2013 suite at Bradford City Football Club, to bring in more money.

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Don’t let a dodgy tummy put a spoke in your Le Tour celebrations




The cleanest way to enjoy the exciting race of the year
It’s just days now until the cyclists take to their bikes and the famous Tour de France gets underway with the Yorkshire Grand Depart.

And as excitement mounts and cycle-related events are being organised throughout the district, GPs are offering the following advice: don’t let a dodgy tummy put a spoke in your celebrations.

Improperly cooked barbecued food can often be a cause of sickness and diarrhoea but although it’s unpleasant there are simple self care steps that can be taken to alleviate symptoms: Stay at home for 48 hours or until symptoms stop and get plenty of rest and drink lots of water.

Washing your hands after going to the toilet and before eating is very important. Also if possible ask someone else to prepare family meals and try to avoid dairy products and fruit juices until symptoms stop.Eat simple foods that are easy to digest. You could also try a rehydrating solution, available from pharmacies.

Dr Colin Renwick, Chair of NHS Airedale Wharfedale and Craven Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) said: “Self-care is the best answer in the majority of cases. It’s best that people do not go to see their GP unless advised by them, as stomach bugs can be highly contagious and there is no treatment that can be given.“Instead, local pharmacies can advise on over-the-counter medicines, such as pain relief, which may help to ease symptoms.”He added: “Sickness and diarrhoea can be more serious in older people or young children and babies and in this case it is advisable to call NHS 111 for advice.

If symptoms get worse or someone has a long term condition or is pregnant, then they should also ring NHS 111 or seek advice from their GP.”

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